We have such a fun tutorial for you this time from our Resident Artist Sarah Brackenridge of Redeemed Decor. She found a set of wood canisters at her local thrift store, and with the help of some Paint Pixie Magical Chaulk Paint, she transformed them into an updated and pretty set for her kitchen.

First, Sarah had to pry off the metal medallions on the front of each canister. She did this with a small screwdriver. The holes left behind were so small, Sarah did not think it was necessary to wood fill them, so she gave the canisters an overall sanding with a 220 sandpaper, and then gave them a quick clean.

Next, Sarah grabbed her supplies: Paint Pixie Magical Chaulk Paint in Blue Java Banana, Lil’ Frenchie, Lil’ B, and the 1.5″ Pennelli Giuliani flat brush.

She decided to keep the tops in the natural wood color, so Sarah put all of them to the side and began painting her canisters. She used two coats of the Blue Java Banana on each canister. After letting them dry, Sarah distressed all of the sides on each canister for a worn look. Then, She put a coat of the Paint Pixie Bees Knees Clear Wax on the lids to refresh the wood, and she also put a coat of wax over the canisters as well.

Sarah then grabbed some chipboard letters representing tea, coffee, flour and sugar, and painted them using a super fun hack: place a piece of painters tape sticky up on your table, then stick the chipboard letters to the tape for easy painting!

After the letters were dry, Sarah hot glued them to her canisters and then they were finished! Such a fun up-cycle.

You can watch the entire step-by-step video right here:

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