September is all about our Paint Pixie Moulds!

Have you used them before? The depth, dimension and detail is like no other mould out there.

We just can’t wait to bring you a month of blog posts, You Tube video tutorials and Facebook Lives! Stay tuned to the Paint Pixie Facebook and Instagram pages for all of the details!!

Resin Jewelry Pendants

Our Brand Ambassador, Jane Bellante of Morning Dew Creations gave us this exciting tutorial this week:

For this tutorial, Jane used Ice Resin, but you can use any resin you have on hand.

Start by pouring and stirring the resin (you’ll stir it for about 2 minutes), then let the resin sit for about 5 minutes.

German glass glitter was placed in the centers of the flowers, and some of the flowers got glitter all over! This is your project, so do what you love with the glitter….

After your resin sits for about 5 minutes, you are ready to pour. Take your time! You don’t want to end up over pouring- it creates a bit of a mess. Pour so that the resin reaches all of the petals in an even coat.

Let the resin dry for 24 hours. Then- you can pop your casting right out of the moulds. Easy peasy!

See how crystal clear they are? Amazing!!

Now it’s time to embellish. You can use paints, mica powders, pigment powders, embossing powders, gilding waxes, etc. etc. The sky is the limit!

Here, Jane used a garnet colored embossing powder with a gold gilding wax. Isn’t it so pretty?!!!

This pretty flower got some pearlescent mica powder. Looks like a snowflake! (Hint, hint- these make great holiday kits!)

Glue on a bail and pair with your favorite chain and you are done! Easy peasy right?!

You can watch the full tutorial right here:

Let us know what you think below! Stay tuned next week for another awesome mould tutorial!


The Paint Pixies