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We are back this week with another fabulous project from our content creator Debbie Tona from Tona Transformations. She shows us step-by-step how to create this jaw dropping finish using our new synthetic brushes Blue Wave and Lil’ B!

Let’s get started. First, Debby painted a solid sea foam green color over the whole piece using Lil’ B.

After letting the top layer dry completely, Debbie then chooses two colors to blend with Lil B and Blue Wave. She chose an off white and an espresso brown. After you have perfected your blend, use your Lil B to add a dry brush of the off white over the espresso to get an aged stoned look.  You can dry brush by adding a small amount of paint on your Lil B and brushing lightly over the darker color.

Sand back spots so the original color shows through, in this example the color is a sea green color.

Dust off any sanding dust with Dusty.

Debbie then applied clear wax with the Cera wax brush, then used Buff and Buffy to give your piece a warm shine and buffs off the excess wax. Grab the 1C brush, to apply a dark brown wax which allows dimension to be built into your piece. Buff your piece again with Buff and finished!

You can watch the full video right here:

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