Our blog post this week comes from our Resident Artist Jill Michelle of Simply Made Unique by Jill.

Jill had already painted this cute little table with a blend of Sugared Glass and Watermelon Rind, but really wanted to make the pretty little details pop. So she grabbed the same two colors, plus the beautiful Liquid Pixie Dust in New Penny to create her look.

First, Jill dry brushed the darker parts with Sugared Glass to lighten them up and create a little dimension. Then, she did the same to the top but she lightly dry brushed the Watermelon Rind this time on the edges to add some dimension.

Then, Jill added some Liquid Pixie Dust in New Penny to the piece using her finger for a less uniform and less controlled look.

To add some final grungy characteristics, Jill grabbed an artist brush and added some Mudd Pie in the creases and crevasses. Then, she toned down the new penny a bit to make the overall look cohesive and gorgeous!

You can watch the entire tutorial right here:

Will you try this technique? Drop us a line and let us know!

Until next time,


The Paint Pixies