This week our content creator Melanie Hamann of Art by Melanie is back with this amazing tutorial! She uses our brand new Blue Wave and Lil’ B synthetic brushes to blend 3 colors to create a gorgeous background on a canvas. And the result is stunning!!

Final blend!

So let’s get started! First, Melanie takes a continuous spray misting bottle and wets her canvas from top to bottom. Then, she grabs Lil’ B and gets started laying down a base color on the canvas.

Lil’ B in action!
Paint the entire canvas with the base coat

Then, Melanie grabs the Blue Wave and her darkest color and begins adding it to the top third of the canvas.

Then, Melanie pulls the paint through the canvas, going in different directions, and bringing the color further into the canvas.

Blue Wave in action!

Melanie begins to build her blend by grabbing Lil’ B and adding more of the lighter blue, and switching back and forth between the two colors.

Build your color!

Then Melanie begins to add white on the bottom third of the canvas and blends with the base color. Again, she builds her color, swapping back and forth from the base color to the white.

Adding the White

Last, Melanie adds a little more of the darkest color to create clear differences.

Adding more dark!

The final result is gorgeous! And guess what? You can watch the full tutorial right here:

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