October is all about our newest synthetic brushes; Blue Wave and Lil’ B!

Blue Wave and Lil’ B

This week, our Brand Ambassador, Jane Bellante shows us how to use these amazing brushes to blend and topcoat on this really cool barn door!

The Finished blend

Let’s get started. First, this barn door was a total mess. There was years of grime on it , so Jane cleaned the door really well with a good for the environment cleaner and let it dry.


Enter Blue Wave and Lil’ B. Jane starts by laying down a duck egg blue color with Blue Wave. It’s so wide and covers a large space very quickly.

The Stars
Just a few brush strokes! Amazing coverage.

After the entire barn door was covered in the duck egg color, Jane then grabs Lil’ B and begins to add a cream color for a nice, bright highlight.

Just a little bit of the cream color goes a long way!
See how that pops?!

Jane continued to add more of the cream color and then started to build. Adding bits of the duck egg and the cream to really achieve amazing depth and movement.

It’s really taking shape here.

After the paint dried, Jane then used a water based topcoat to seal in the paint. Blue Wave sure does an amazing job with top coat too!

And guess what?!! You can watch the entire tutorial right here!!

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