This is the time of year Mr. Pixie and I bring our motorhome to Texas.  The last few years we’ve stayed for 3 months.  We usually leave right after the holidays. This year was a little different, we decided to stay here just for the month of March.  I really didn’t feel like being gone 3 months this time. 

Now prior to coming here I had already decided to paint my rv cabinets as a project to video and make a tutorial for you. I figured I could get the kitchen, living area and bathroom finished before heading home since we only have a 25′ motorhome.  Not a lot cabinets in here.  Then about the second week of March we had to quarantine because of the Corona Virus. So to be quite honest, this quarantine really didn’t affect me much since I needed to focus on my project.  As of this writing we are still in Texas under quarantine.  Now what it did do was give me time to do the bedroom. I did run out of teal so I ordered some up from my good friend The Turquoise Iris and all was good in my world!   

As you can see from the before and after pictures I did A LOT more than just paint the cabinets.  I took these dark, flat panel cabinets and made my own trim and added them to the doors and drawers.  Now if you follow me on social media you’ve seen my other videos showing how I do this but this is the first time I’ve transformed cabinets with them. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out too!   

Mr. Pixie and I decided we wanted light cabinets.  I don’t do just plain white as you know by now, I think that may have been Mr. Pixie’s preference at the time. He admitted to me the other night that he was worried. Worried? It’s only paint. I did make a color sample first so he wouldn’t be totally surprised.  

I decided I wanted a teal under the white so I added that and he liked it. At the time he didn’t know I was going to add trim although I know that wouldn’t have worried him.  

It was fun seeing his reaction to the teal color. He kept referring to it as psychedelic, really?  really?  There is absolutely nothing psychedelic about a solid kind of bright teal color.  ummm I’m beginning to see why he was worried. hahahahaha

So here we are, April 21st, still in Texas and still in quarantine. I only have half the bed to finish and just in time to start heading home!

Don’t let the quarantine make you feel down and out. You just need a great project to keep your mind occupied. There’s nothing better than some paint therapy. Click here and go right to the tutorial.