December is all about our brand new transformations- and this first tutorial from our Brand Ambassador, Jane Bellante of Morning Dew Creations uses “Nesting” to create a one-of-a-kind cabinet.

Jane began by using a cabinet that she had painted a few years ago, but never finished. It looked like the perfect size for the Nesting transformation. Having never sealed the original paint, she started by top-coating the whole cabinet.

After that was dry, Jane taped on the transfer and began by burnishing the entire thing.

After the transfer was on the cabinet, Jane added a top coat, and a layer of clear glaze with our amazing brush, Blue Wave.

She wanted to add some dimension to this piece, so Jane decided to use a large stencil with some texture medium to create a raised surface. The stencil was taped on and the paste was applied with a spatula.

Some color needed to be added to the raised stenciling, so the stencil was taped back on, and an off-white color was stenciled on top. Then, to build dimension, Jane added clear glaze with paint to create various, glossy tones of the same color. She went back and forth between the blue color and the off-white color mixed with glaze to create the final effect.

The top was sanded down to the original wood, and then glazed with black. It sure turned out pretty cute didn’t it? And guess what? You can watch the full tutorial right here:

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Until next time,

The Paint Pixies