Which brush is the right brush for your project?

Okay okay! I get it, you’re new to painting and all of these choices are just so overwhelming! Honestly with 25 different brushes to choose from (not even going into the artist brushes this time), it can be sooooo difficult to know which is the right one for the job.

…and because I am your friend, I’ve decided to show you each brush and tell you what the “intended” use is for, but remember as you continue your journey as an artist, open up your mind to using these in “unintended” ways like our friend The Turquoise Iris does.

One more thing I also get asked about is which brushes to start with. The Dusty and Blue Wave are our best sellers so you might pick one of those up. I also suggest getting 1 of the ovals, pick the size that fits your needs most of the time, and get either the French Tip or Lil Frenchie. Only difference in these are size but they will both do the job. If you’re a waxer then Cera or Lil C.

Scroll down and you’ll see the images and explanation of each brush. This should help you somewhat, to get a general idea of what to buy.

Are you less confused now?

Do you have a better understanding as to which brushes you need?

We hope you LOVE our brushes as much as we do and have hours of enjoyable painting!

Remember our brushes are made in Italy (says right there on the handle) and if the handle doesn’t say Paint Pixie or The Turquoise Iris ( on the VIP and Shortstop) then it’s an imitation.

You deserve the best so buy the best!