We love taking something old and giving it new, beautiful life –

don’t you?

Brand Ambassador, Jane Bellante took this great vintage toolbox and totally transformed it with just a few paints, stenciling and sweet finishes. So pretty!

From Jane:

This vintage toolbox had lovely dark wood and cool texture and made a great canvas to work on.

I started by blending Magical Chaulk Paint in Chai Latte and Foggy Martini with The Turquoise Iris Shortstop brush adding a little of each hue and brushing in.

For the hardware, I brushed on some paint to highlight and give dimension but allowed some of the metal to peek through to include that rusty look in the overall piece.

I used a medium grit sand block to reveal some of the wood grain through the paint. Then I added one coat of Forcefield to keep the paints from reactivating as I moved on to stenciling.

I used Saltwater Taffy and my Stipley brush for the stenciling. You could do a stippling or swirling motion for your stenciling. For mine, I chose a softer swirl motion to create the effect I wanted.

I used my Pennelli Giuliani #40 brush to add another coat of Forcefield. After that dried, I used Bee’s Knees Wax in Black Magic with the Flat Top 1C brush over the whole piece. I really loved how the wax added to the character of the piece. I used the Buffy brush to buff out the wax.

I always have transfer scraps around and decided to add some to the toolbox. Since I did add wax before the transfers, I made sure to use soft gel across the piece to give something for the transfers to adhere to otherwise they would not have been archival and could have wiped off. To finish the piece, I used one last coat of Forcefield.

Get all of Jane’s project steps and tips in her video tutorial:

Oh, we just love how this toolbox was finished!

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