How quirky is this piece?!
Like Jane, we’re not exactly sure what this piece was used for but we are definitely sure we LOVE how she transformed it!

From Jane:
I started this piece by applying just one coat of Magical Chaulk Paint in Blue Java Banana. I just knew I was aiming for a distressed finished piece so I applied the paint with that in mind, brushing in different directions which added some really fun texture. Plus, as the paint dried, it revealed the best spots to distress.

Applying the paint to the whole piece took little time with the Dusty brush which easily fits in my hand and covers such a wide area. I love how easy it made painting the piece even when using a more dry brush technique.

After the paint dried, I was ready to distress!
I used a medium grit sanding sponge to distress along the edges and where the paint was thin from my initial painting. It easily gave way and revealed the worn look for which I was hoping!

Adding the stenciling to the front of the piece really helped pull the look together. I used Magical Chaulk Paint in Mudd Pie for the stencils and then distressed them, too.

Doesn’t the Mudd Pie look perfect with the Blue Java Banana? Such a great color combination for so many projects!

To complete the piece, I used our Bee’s Knees wax in Icicle and then, after waiting overnight, used our Buff brush to buff the whole piece. Honestly, the Buff made this part of the project so easy and so quick. Plus, the sheen of the buffed wax brought out the grain of the wood so beautifully as well as helping those paint colors pop!

Could you use any of these techniques for a project on your own makeover list?

Check out Jane’s full video tutorial for all her steps and tips here:

We just adore this makeover, how about you?

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