Have you painted on wood before?

It offers a different experience than traditional canvas with the wood grain and texture coming through the layers of paint.

Resident Artist, Jennifer McKee of Village Chic, painted this sweet angel on wood, and we love the effect it has!

Angel Painting on Wood Canvas by Resident Artist Jennifer McKee of Village Chic

From Jennifer:

Today I am using a really cool wood pallet as my canvas. The wood offers a rustic feel with all the grain, texture and even knot holes.

To begin, I painted the whole piece in a flat black just to give an even surface to start. Then I outlined my angel form using a guide picture from Pinterest.

And then, I just started painting!

I used a myriad of different Magical Chaulk Paints and Turquoise Iris Brushes on this piece to achieve the look I wanted.

Mixing the paints together, I could create 3rd, even 4th colors from the original start which helped add layers and depth to my piece.

I just love painting angels and let the piece guide me until I felt that “click” that told me this piece was done.

See Jennifer’s whole tutorial including her tips in her video:

We love this angel with her texture and depth.

What do you think of her?

Do you paint angels in your art?

Let us know, below!

-The Paint Pixies