This week’s makeover comes from our brand new Content Creator Laura Louise of Restyled Lemons. She used our new Butterfly transformations and some of our not even released yet Paint Pixie Magical Chaulk Paint!

Here is what Laura said:

I am using an existing nightstand I painted years ago for my daughter. Now that she’s in college I decided to take this cute piece out of the closet and give it a fresh new, younger look.

The top was in good shape so I left it as is, stained. I went ahead and cleaned it with some wipes and gave it a quick sanding (220 grit sandpaper) so the new paint would adhere well.

After sanding it I cleaned it off with a tack cloth. Now that it is sanded and cleaned, it’s ready to be painted. I painted it with two different blues from Paint Pixie’s new Magical Chaulk Paint line. The colors I chose were Watermelon Rind and Sugared Glass.

I painted it (with the Lil’ B paint brush) with two coats of paint and let it dry in between coats. I also blended the top color (sugared glass) and the bottom color (watermelon rind) together to give it a fun look.

I then decided to paint the shelf purple and the middle of the top drawer purple as well, adding some contrast to the hardware. I just blended a red paint I had with the lighter shade (sugared glass) of turquoise I was already using.

After I let it completely dry, I placed the Paint Pixie Butterfly transfers on the nightstand where I wanted them and started putting them on. I also decided to change up the hardware on the drawer and add a new piece from my hardware stash that I already had. I think it added a fun new flare to the rest of the nightstand restyle.

After I was done putting all the transfers on the piece I coated the whole nightstand with a satin top coat to protect it (I used the Lil’ D paint brush). When it was all dry I added some cute decor to it and took some great staging photos and it is ready to go.

Isn’t it so adorable? You can watch the whole video tutorial right here:

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The Paint Pixies