This week we are bringing you a beautiful makeover from our Resident Artist Laura Louise from Restyled Lemons. She took a date French Provincial nightstand and turned it into a gorgeous piece for for a princess!

Here is what Laura said about this project: I have been wanting to paint a piece of furniture pink for a while now. So when I found these beautiful french provincial night stands I knew they were the ones.

I’m going to be working on one night stand with you using Paint Pixie’s NEW Magical Chaulk Paint. I’ll be using Glazed Donut, Violet Lemonade, and finishing it off with their New Metallic paint, Liquid Pixie Dust in 24 karat (gold).

After cleaning it and prepping the piece, I went ahead and painted a base layer with Glazed Donut. I decided to emphasize the center of the drawers with the Glazed Donut as well.

Then I mixed the colors, Glazed Donut and Violet Lemonade together to create a beautiful blush color. I used about 85% Glazed Donut and 15% Violet Lemonade to get the blush color that I desired.

I went ahead and painted the whole nightstand with two coats of the new blush color.

Next I used a stencil that I purchased from Amazon and decided to stencil the sides, the top, and the first drawer of the night stand with Paint Pixie’s Liquid Pixie Dust in 24 karat.

After the paint was dry from stenciling I went ahead and distressed the whole piece. I especially wanted the stencil sections to look worn and aged. After I was done distressing I went ahead and cleaned off the whole piece with my tack cloths I get from Home Depot.

Once that was completed I used Paint Pixie’s new satin top coat, Forcefield and covered the whole piece, giving it ultimate protection. Next I covered the whole piece, including the hardware with some brown wax. I used the brown wax to create an extra aged look for the nightstand. And finally I used Paint Pixie’s Liquid Pixie Dust in 24 karat on all the hardware, along the edges of the nightstand, and on the drawers.

We think this added an extra flare to this beautiful new blushing nightstand don’t you? The best part? You can watch the entire tutorial right here:

Drop us a note below and let us know what you think!

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies