Personality, vibrant color, dimension –

Melanie created all this on an otherwise pretty but plain metal moon and sun with just paints and brushes.
We think this transformation is perfect for adding a pop of color to a patio or porch.

And, with Melanie’s notes below, it can easily be recreated on your own canvas at home.

From Melanie:
I began the project by wiping down the surface of the piece to remove any dirt or adhesive. Then two coats of Undercover Primer in Coffee were applied with the French Tip brush which allowed me to easily get the small crevices of the piece covered. Dry time was allowed between each coat before moving along to multiple hues in Magical Chaulk Paint to achieve the desired look.

The moon was my first task and I used a blend of Figgy Pudding on the edges, gradually transitioning to Bon Bini Cocktail and then finally adding just a bit of Marshmallow in the center for highlighted dimension.

After the pretty moon dried, I moved on to the sun. The rays are Figgy Pudding and Violet Lemonade at the base blending into Candied Papaya and Honeycomb. Depending on the coverage and desired look, you may need to apply two coats of these colors.

Rows of dots on the rays were added with Candy Apple and Key Lime Pie.

The sun’s face was created with two coats of Honeycomb plus Candied Papaya on the outer edges. Facial features were done in Licorice, Marshmallow and Candy Apple for the lips.

With a dry brush, I used Liquid Pixie Dust in Statuary to add highlights to the raised portions of both the sun and moon.
To complete and protect the piece, I applied two coats of Meltdown.

To learn just how Melanie applied and blended her paint to create the finished look, check out her video tutorial:

The colors are just popping off Melanie’s completed piece!
She was able to create such rich, happy hues using her palette of paints.

What do you think of this transformation?
Let us know below!

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies