We are back this week with a new tutorial from our brand new content creator Renee Lynn from Funky Butterfly. Renee will show you how to paint a landscape using only two brushes- our newest synthetic brushes, Blue Wave and Lil’ B.

Here is what Renee said:

“Blending multiple colors on a canvas is quick and easy with the right tools. In this
tutorial I’m using Paint Pixie’s ultimate blending brushes Blue Wave and Lil’B, that’s it.

The synthetic bristles are why the paint will glide across the canvas. I start with a
simple neutral background color and then continue to blend and add colors using Lil’B
but the secret of all secrets is using Blue Wave in multiple directions to blend all of the
colors seamlessly.”

“You can use both of these brushes to blend colors on the flat edge or the tips of the
brushes to add different elements. As a former make up artist, I’m able to attain looks
just like blending makeup— a must-have in my bag of tricks.”

Renee continues to swap back and forth between Blue Wave and Lil’ B to attain the blends of color that she is looking for. This is the time to play and have fun!

Renee adds some little trees on the hills using Lil’ B.

Adding Trees

Here is where Renee ends this piece for now! It is not finished yet, but this is a great start.

The steps are as follows:
• Start with a clean canvas or add a neutral base color for a seamless application.
• Add the paint colors you prefer and softly blend with Lil’B.
• After you get your colors on the canvas, mist with a touch of water and blend back
and forth with Blue Wave.
• You can repeat the process until you like what you see.

You can watch the entire video right here:

We just love Renee and we think you will love these two brand new synthetic brushes too. Let us know if you have given them a try and we will see you next time!

Until then,

The Paint Pixies