Resident Artist, Renee Smith of Raine Gardens & Rainy Day Vintage, shows us how to create a beautiful field of poppies using Magical Chaulk Paint and The Turquoise Iris Pro artist brushes.

For this project, Renee used various paint colors and brushes. For the stems and leaves, she used Sour Apple, Christmas Cookie, Key Lime Pie and Sugared Glass along with The Turquoise Iris Pro Fan brush.

For the poppies, Renee used Red Velvet Cake and Candied Papaya along with The Turquoise Iris Wash brush.

For the bluebells, Renee used Blackberry Cobbler, Cream Puff and French Macaron simply applying the 3 colors together with her finger.

And, for the finishing touches, she used Liquid Pixie Dust in Blush along with the Stipley brush to stencil along the edges – so pretty – and then added a blend of the Blush and Blue Diamond for extra dimension.

Get her step by step poppy painting tutorial here:

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