November is all about our best selling brushes French Tip and Lil’ Frenchie. We are back this week with a really fun video from our content creator Debbie Tona of Tona Transformations.

So let’s get started. Here is what Debbie said, “I found this vintage gold frame at an Estate Sale.  I chose 3 color variations: a dark, a medium and a light color in the same hue.  Starting with the darkest color I used the French Tip to quickly paint the frame, I did not want to get into each crevice allowing the gold to peek through my first layer”.

For her next coat, Debbie chose the medium color and she used Lil’ Frenchie for a dry brush look.  Dabbing the paint onto her brush, then off-loading the excess on a paper towel. This allowed her to add small amounts of paint so it just hits the raised areas on the frame.  This second layer starts the process of adding depth and dimension to the frame.

For the last coat of paint, Debbie grabbed Lil’ Frenchie, and the lightest color and repeated the last step. Putting a bit of paint on the brush, then off-loading onto the paper towel. This adds the final depth and dimension to the raised areas of the frame.

Keep in mind the colors can also be reversed from light to dark to give a totally different look.

You can watch the entire video right here:

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