Don’t think faux can be fabulous?

Then you haven’t seen Jill’s refinished wood table yet!

We are loving the color palette she used to tie this look together from base to wood grain and right on through the vintage truck addition.

From Jill:
I took a thrifted folding tray table as my project piece this time. Kind of boring on its own but we’re going to totally transform it!

To begin, I cleaned and scuff sanded the table before painting a base of Magical Chaulk Paint in Lemon Crinkle on the legs plus Blackberry Cobbler on the table top. I knew it was going to be covered by the finish but I wanted a strong base to begin.

The next step was to create a blend of colors on the top. I squeezed on lines in a random pattern of Lemon Crinkle, Blackberry Cobbler, Tropical Dream and Cream Puff. Then I spritzed them with my Water Girl to keep them moving as I blended. I used my Dusty brush.

After letting this blend dry really well, I mixed Sheer Beauty clear mixing glaze into Mudd Pie Magical Chaulk Paint. The glaze helped keep the paint fluid and moving so I could use the wood grain tools.

I coated the entire top in the Mudd Pie glaze mix and then used the Water Girl to mist it before immediately using my wood grain tools to create the faux wood look. I used two sizes to create all the wood details and kept working until I was happy that it was grainy and distressed to my liking.

I let this dry overnight before adding some detail and distressing with Cream Puff and my Lil Frenchie brush as well as some “nails” to really make the piece look like wood boards.

To finish the piece, I added the big blue/teal truck from the Ol’ Bessie Transformation set and then sealed with Forcefield for the best protection for future use.

See Jill’s full video tutorial on recreating this look here:

This makeover was so unexpected and so fun to watch!

Have you ever tried recreating a wood finish?
We’d love to know in the comments below.

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies