Memorable, adorable –

this handmade serving tray is a perfectly sweet wedding gift!

And, we love how Laura Louise created it with simple items we can all use to recreate this awesome transformation project.

From Laura Louise:

The project I did this month is super simple but also really cute. My daughter’s best friend is getting married and I wanted to give her something creative to add to the gift we already started for her. I thought it would be a cute idea to give her a serving tray they can use in the kitchen or possibly the bedroom, giving the new bride breakfast in bed.

I started off with a bamboo cutting board I picked up at the dollar store and used one of my own stencils I purchased from Amazon plus added two hardware pieces I picked up from Hobby Lobby.

I started by sanding down the cutting board and then wiping it clean. I went ahead and painted it with Paint Pixie’s Magical Chaulk Paint in Violet Lemonade and Glazed Donut. I used about 70% of the Glazed Donut and 30% of the Violet Lemonade in the mix.

After the first coat was dried, I went ahead and drilled two holes on each side for the handles. After that I put a second coat of the Violet Lemonade and Glazed Donut mix on both sides. Then I let it dry before putting on a top coat of Forcefield.

After the top coat had dried, I went ahead and used Chocolate Souffle mixed with water to make a chaulk paint stain. 

I applied that stain onto the cutting board and then quickly removed it with a wipe.   Super easy! And it left a great stain finish on top of the pink paint.

Once that was dried I went ahead and used Cream Puff for the stencil and for the hardware.

Once the hardware dried I went ahead and sanded it to have the dark metal show through the paint.

I finished it off using Forcefield again on the cutting board and also on the hardware.

This was a super easy and simple project that is great for gifts or even to use in your own home.

See Laura Louise’s full video tutorial here:

Honestly, so cute, right?

And, wouldn’t it be the perfect gift for a housewarming or even the fast-approaching Mother’s Day this weekend?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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