We’ll admit we’re swooning over Jennifer’s rustic girl canvas.
The colors are warm, the curves are sweet and the texture is lovely in this abstract figurative painting.

Are you tempted to try your own version? We are!
And, lucky for us all, Jennifer walks us through blank canvas to finished figure right here.

From Jennifer:
I started with a 12″x36″ canvas and inspiration from a picture I found on Pinterest. The rustic color palette I chose was inspired by the decor at my boutique and coffee shop – Village Chic in Charleston, Ohio.

To begin, I sketched an outline onto the blank canvas. This created a starting point for me and could be seen through the initial first layers to guide the painting.

I wet the entire surface using the Water Girl continuous spray bottle and applied a warm white clay-based paint with the 1.5″ Pennelli Giuliani brush before gradually blending in muddy grey and taupe colors without cleaning my brush in between.

To re-establish the form of the figure, I outlined her with black paint and then used the Turquoise Iris Cheerleader brush to add in texture.

At this point it was time to “super soak” the canvas with the Water Girl, allowing all those beautiful colors to run and drip. The Lil Frenchie then tagged in to clean up the lines and add in some color with a soft aqua and a medium orange.

Throughout the whole painting, I made to sure bring the color around to the edges of canvas so that framing is not necessary. I use the Rule of 3 to strike a balanced look that is pleasing to the eye in my interior design business as well as when adding color to a canvas. I keep the composition balanced by adding colors to three areas at a time. For this project, I did so utilizing the Turquoise Iris Mop Brush and with the #12 palette knife.

Finally, I added highlights to the canvas by evaluating where light would fall on the human form. I often do not add features to the faces I paint, so you can find your own meaning in the life of the art form I have captured.

See Jennifer’s entire process in her video tutorial:

We appreciate the opportunity to allow our own imaginations to fill in the details of this form.

Can you imagine or see someone special in Jennifer’s finished piece?

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies