We are so thrilled to have the AMAZING Melanie Hamann join us as one of our content creators! This week, Melanie brings us this super cute shadowbox made with our fabulous Pixie Doh and our Don’t Leave Me and Daisy Mae moulds.

Here are the supplies she used:

8’x8’ Wood cradle Board

Acrylic paints

Paint Pixie Don’t Leave Me and Daisy Mae Moulds

Paint Pixie Doh

Tacky Glue or glue of your choice

First, Melanie lightly dusts the moulds with cornstarch. This helps the Doh release with ease. Then, she rolls a small ball of Pixie Doh in her hands and starts filling the moulds with the small balls of dough. Lastly, she put the filled moulds in her freezer for about an hour. The casted moulds popped right out!!

Next she prepared her cradle board by painting the inside black, and grabbed a plastic lid and some paint to make the wreath form. She stamped three offset circles.

Next, Melanie painted her leaves with acrylic paints. Check out this amazing tip she gave us: fold a piece of painters tape, stick it to your surface and then stick the moulds on top for easy painting!!

Using the glue of your choice, you’ll then apply the moulds to the top of your wreath, seal and enjoy!

The finished piece!! Isn’t it adorable?

You can watch the entire video here:

We hope you loved this project! Drop us a line below and let us know if you tried it!

Until next time…


The Paint Pixies