Warming weather means time in the garden.
And we’re getting ready for it with spring projects like Jill’s latest creation!

When Jill transformed this metal butterfly in “red white and blues” to a whole new look, she created a unique and fabulous piece of outdoor decor for any garden.
Honestly, we are in awe of the palette she created and we think you will be, too!

From Jill:

There really was nothing wrong with the way this butterfly was originally finished but I wanted to give it my own spin. Don’t we all love making pieces our “own”?

To begin, I primed this piece with Undercover Primer in Coconut using the Lil’ B brush. This primer helped to make sure I had a good surface to adhere the paint especially since I knew this piece was going outside.

After it was primed, I used two coats of Magical Chaulk Paint in Sugared Glass to create my base.

Following my base coat, I grabbed bright colors Key Lime Pie and Honeycomb as well as darker tones of Blackberry Cobbler and Figgy Pudding. This was not a “neat” process but more applying the paints randomly to build up the color.

Using my Paint Pixie Artist Brushes, I used the Honeycomb, Blackberry Cobbler and Key Lime Pie to create finer detail. My aim was not to be precise in the application giving it a more imperfect look.

To accent the piece and really let it shine, I added Liquid Pixie Dust in Blue Diamond and Onyx. So pretty! Then I used a paint marker to outline detail around the wings before sealing the whole piece with a few coats of Forcefield to ensure it would be protected out in the garden.

Bonus tip: While I was taking pictures in my garden, I added a few blue marbles to the butterfly’s body for extra fun. Sometimes you just don’t know when a project is truly “finished”!

See all of Jill’s tips for this project in her video:

Well, what do you think of this butterfly decor?

Jill created it for outdoor use in the garden but we can imagine using it inside for decoration, too. The colors are just lovely together!

Let us know what you think below.

Until next time,
The Paint Pixies