The shape and detail of this Bombay dresser were beautiful even before our Brand Ambassador, Jane, worked her blending and layering magic on it.

What a special piece it turned out to be –
the combination of paints, waxes and stenciling brought the whole look together.

A statement piece in blues and golds!

From Jane:
I was so happy to work on this unique dresser!

To begin, I applied a coat of Undercover Primer in Coconut to the entire piece as my base before an initial blending of Magical Chaulk Paint in French Macaron and Bon Bini Cocktail.

I used an old chip brush for this blending for a very specific look. The chip brush allowed me to create a choppy, almost drippy application from the worked-in bristles.

As with so many of my projects, this piece grew and emerged telling me its story and helping guide me in the right direction for its look.

See Part 1 of Jane’s Bombay Dresser tutorial:

After this initial blending dried, I added a coat of Forcefield – our tough, water-based sealer – as I knew I’d be working on top of what I had already done. The sealer helped to keep me from reactivating the blend as I added more paint on top.

I painted all the pulls in 24 Karat Liquid Pixie Dust with a stencil brush which helped add dimension.

Then, I grabbed my chip brush and layered the entire piece in 24 Karat while continuing to blend with French Macaron and Bon Bini Cocktail as I went along.

To be honest, I ended up not loving the strong layering of the metallic paint with the blue blend and added more of the Bon Bini Cocktail and French Macaron on top covering most of the gold with pops from under the blue. Sometimes this happens when working on a project!

After this step, I used Bee’s Knees Wax in Icicle, our clear wax, over the entire dresser. This allowed me to more easily control the colored waxes in the next steps.

With my Lil C wax brush and Bee’s Knees Wax in Snowflake, I brightened specific areas on the piece.

Before moving on to darker waxes, I added the pulls back on to the dresser. I applied Bee’s Knees Wax in Black Magic across the pulls, adding more of a grungy look to them, and then layered the dark wax over the full piece. When necessary, I used the clear wax to help achieve the right balance.

I used a gold wax to highlight the ornate details in the center and along the bottom of the dresser as well as along the edges to bring the full front look together.

Next, the top!
Using 24 Karat Liquid Pixie Dust and a script stencil, I stenciled the entire top. Some areas were thinner script and some thicker and that was fine! After the script dried, I lightly sanded adding some distress and then waxed the top as I had the bottom.

To finish off this piece, I used my Buff wax brush which really brought out the shine.

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We love how honest Jane is about changing directions in the middle of a piece!

And we love how she ended up changing gears and finishing her Bombay dresser with more blues plus gold highlights. The look really came together and would offer such a special, treasured piece in a home.

What do you think of the finished look?

Would you have kept going with the gold or do you like how Jane added more blues on top?

Let us know, below!

Until next time,
The Paint Pixies