When you are a furniture artist like Laura Louise of Restyled Lemons, you need staging pieces for those important product photos.

So what do you do?

If you’re like LL, you create them!

For this adorably sweet transformation, LL took a blank door and made it over into a boho inspired staging piece.

Of course, to start, she cleaned the door and then used Undercover Primer in Coconut to ensure the paint had something to stick to.

Then, she gathered her tools: the Dusty brush, Water Girl sprayer and Magical Chaulk Paint. Laura Louise created some custom pastel colors for her door using Magical Chaulk Paint and applied them one at a time down the door.

Off camera, she added more geometric details utilizing painters tape.

Check out her tutorial for this piece here:

What do you think? Super sweet, right?

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The Paint Pixies