Hello friends! Once again, we have our amazing Content Creator, Sarah from Redeemed Decor here to show a quick and easy Autumn decor project using our Don’t Leave Me mould and our fabulous Pixie Doh!

Isn’t it pretty? Okay- lets get started!

First, Sarah grabbed our Don’t Leave Me mould, and our AMAZING Pixie Doh.

Next, Sarah dusts the Don’t Leave Me mould with cornstarch- this helps the casting release a lot easier. Then she grabs a small amount of Pixie Doh, and begins filling the maple leaf.

Sarah found this super cool wooden bottle at a thrift store and decided to paint it brown. Then, she popped the maple leaf out of the mould and painted it a warm Autumn color.

Sarah used hot glue to adhere the mould to the bottle and it’s finished!! Simple and gorgeous.

You can watch the how-to video right here:

We think it turned out so cute!! What do you think? Drop us line below and let us know!

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies