Pick up a brush and start painting!

That’s what Jennifer encourages us all to do with her nightstand transformation.

Well, we can get on board with that, can’t you?

From Jennifer:

Starting with Magical Chaulk Paint in the color Christmas Cookie, I painted a complete base coat. No need to remove the handles since the chaulk paint will stick to and cover the metal as well as the wood. I used the Dusty brush for much of this step plus the Lil Frenchie to get in all those hard to reach places.

Once the base coat was dry, I used the Cheerleader brush to paint palm fronds as an artistic addition to the little nightstand. The paint color for the fronds is Key Lime Pie.  

Off camera the piece was sealed with clear wax then buffed to a soft finish.

It’s ready to take to Florida!!

Get all Jennifer’s tips and steps in her video tutorial:

Jennifer’s project reminds us that the joy of painting a piece is in the painting.

So, don’t stress! Choose colors that inspire you, pick up a brush and start creating.

What are you inspired to paint?

Let us know, below!

Until next time,

The Paint Pixies